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Deep Relaxation Massage Therapy

A blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Release techniques to melt your muscular tension and relieve all stress. Experience the work of the Best Massage Therapists in Asheville!


Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage (Abhyanga)

This is a specialized Ayurvedic massage where medicated oils are vigorously massaged into your body by 1 or 2 therapists. It is deeply relaxing, deliciously nurturing and nourishing, and very rejuvenating to all the tissues in your body. This is a type of massage you have yet to experience to realize what true relaxation means!


Abhyanga Plus: Warm Oil Massage + Herbal Scrub

Enjoy a delicious Ayurvedic warm oil massage by 1 or 2 therapists in synchronicity, followed by a full body Herbal Steam (for a quick detox) and Herbal Scrub with powdered aromatic herbs to nourish your skin. You will feel relaxed and glowing with this one!


Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is actually an Ayurvedic therapy used to promote healing and longevity by releasing tension and connecting the flow of vital energy throughout the body. We use Ayurvedic herbal oils and water-heated basalt stones to give you a deeply relaxing massage and create sensations of comfort and warmth. Enjoy this authentic Ayurvedic therapy!


Therapeutic Massage + Herbal Steam Therapy

A Therapeutic Massage that integrates a therapeutic application of steam with herbal oils (Nadi Swedana). This type of treatment focuses on specific areas of your body, such as sore joints and muscles, to improve mobility and flexibility, and to reduce pain. The perfect therapy if you are suffering from acute or chronic pain anywhere in the body.


Energy Point Massage (Marma Massage)

This therapy is a specialized form of Ayurvedic massage that promotes blood circulation and stimulates the subtle energy points (marmas) that are connected to all your organs and systems. It relieves tension, while energizing and stimulating your whole body. This type of massage will make you feel relaxed yet invigorated at the end of each session!


Thai Massage (aka Thai Yoga Massage)

Experience this ancient form of bodywork given on a floor mat or massage table while fully clothed, combining passive stretches, movement of joints, touch techniques along energy channels, and conscious breathing. This treatment can be as gentle or as vigorous as your individual preference and needs. Receive the benefits of massage, yoga, and energy work in one nurturing dance.


Ayurvedic Prana Therapy

Traditional Ayurvedic Energy Work used to remove energy blockages and promote healing and relaxation on all levels. A simple hands-on technique to help you heal and de-stress naturally!


Shirodhara: Bliss Therapy

This treatment consists in pouring warm herbal oil in a slow steady stream on your forehead for mental rejuvenation. It nourishes your whole nervous system, promotes relaxation and tranquility, and improves mental clarity and comprehension. Because of the profound effects it has upon the mind, it has often been called "Bliss Therapy."


Ayurvedic Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga)

Enjoy a combination of Ayurvedic head massage with Nasya (nasal administration of herbal oil) and foot reflexology to stimulate vital organs and systems, while clearing the energy pathways in your head and nourishing your scalp and hair. Highly recommended for headaches, sinusitis, allergies and other head, neck, ear and throat problems.


Energy Point Therapy for Vitality

This therapy is a form of Ayurvedic acupressure that stimulates and revitalizes specific organs and systems, while releasing blocked energy and promoting flexibility. It integrates Ayurvedic massage with acupressure on key vital energy points (marmas) with the use of Ayurvedic essential oils, passive yoga therapy, and application of mild heat on specific areas to relieve tension and promote energy and blood circulation. Highly relaxing and rejuvenating!


Ayurvedic Rasayana Day Spa Package

This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating package consists of: Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage by 1 or 2 therapists, Full Body Steam and Shirodhara (Bliss Therapy). These therapies combined bring a state of deep relaxation, allowing your whole body to heal and rejuvenate. You have yet to experience this deep state of relaxation!


Ayurvedic Rasayana Day Spa Plus

This delicious Day Spa Plus Package includes 5 Ayurvedic therapies: Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage by 1 or 2 therapists, Full Body Steam, Shirodhara (Bliss Therapy), Localized Steam Therapy for specific sore areas and Herbal Scrub with aromatic herbs to cleanse and nourish your skin. Pamper yourself with these specialized Ayurvedic therapies and leave all stress behind!


Ayurvedic Sacred Bliss Package

This Ayurvedic Day Spa Package combines two incredibly relaxing and nourishing therapies: our exclusive Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage followed by Shirodhara (Bliss Therapy for mental rejuvenation). The use of Ayurvedic herbal oils makes these therapies out-of-this-world relaxing while they also nourish and rejuvenate your mind and nervous system. A delicious package with a couple of our most popular therapies!


One Day Panchakarma Sampler

Includes a full Ayurvedic health consultation + personalized diet & lifestyle plan + Abhyanga (Ayurvedic warm oil massage) + Bashpa Swedana (full herbal steam) + Shirodhara (Bliss Therapy for mental rejuvenation) + Udvartana (herbal scrub/dusting) + Warm Shower + Ayurvedic Lunch. Get started on your way to better health today!


Ayurvedic Weekend Getaway

Includes a General Health Assessment (Eye, Tongue Pulse, Skin) + Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage) with Marma Point Therapy + Herbal Steam Therapy + Shirodhara (Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy) + Ayurvedic Herbal Dusting / Scrub (Udvartana) + Warm Shower + 2 Ayurvedic Meals. PRICE is PER DAY of therapies and DOES NOT INCLUDE LODGING. Lodging is $45/night (to be reserved when you book your getaway). Stay one night or the whole weekend, your choice! Also available during weekdays.


Private Ayurvedic Yoga Session

Learn the yoga poses most appropriate for your body type and lifestyle according to Ayurveda, and get started on an individualized yoga regime to relieve stress and promote health and flexibility, while you incorporate specific poses for any health concerns as well.


Private Meditation Session

Good health and relaxation go hand in hand. Learn a simple and straightforward meditation technique to help you relax and de-stress. We will help you understand the technique and integrate it into your daily routine.


Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)

Pranayama integrates several breathing techniques, depending on your needs, to relax your mind and promote healing. The perfect addition to your yoga or meditation practice, and the perfect tool to simply de-stress anywhere you may be!


Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Full initial Ayurvedic consultation, in person or long distance (via phone), to assess your original constitution and current state of health using various techniques and evaluation methods, so as to create a personal program according to your individual case with herbal nutrition, dietary guidelines, and therapies as needed. (Recommended herbs are not included.)


Acute Seasonal Consultation

Prevent and treat common acute (non-chronic) ailments such as colds, flu, seasonal allergies, and other respiratory complaints with Ayurveda. Go antibiotic and vaccine free, boost your immune system naturally, and stay healthy! First time clients only. (This is a seasonal offer for acute problems and not a full assessment consultation.)



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